It was in 1965, that Late Rev. Fr. Amedius tried to open a school at Saharanpur. A bungalow was bought by the catholic diocese of Meerut in 1959. Late Rev. Fr. Amedius expressed his desire to start a school in it.The conditions were not favourable at that time but late Fr. Amedius was a determined person, he started the repair work and white washing of the place. A temporary road was built up. A Notice board was also put up with the inscription - "St. Mary's Academy"

On 1st July 1965, parents began to come for admission but seeing the condition of the place most of them went away disappointed. Somehow a few admissions were done. The next day, two teachers were appointed. Within a week's time, the number of children rose upto one hundred and fifteen and by September 1965, it got its recognition. His lordship late Dr. J.B. Evangaliste the arch bishop of Meerut paid a visit to Saharanpur in 1966 and was thrilled to see the school functioning well. He then advised the priest incharge to convert the Hindi medium school to an English medium school. From July 1966, his Lordship Late Dr. J.B. Evangaliste inaugurated the English medium school. Late Fr. Louis Sunderam was appointed its first principal and late Fr. Amedius as its first Co-founder manager.

It was due to Late Fr. Louis Sunderam's efforts that the school got its recognition from the C.B.S.E., New Delhi in April 1969. From that time onwards, the academy saw many priests working hard for its development. The Academy was accorded the recognition for +2 classes in 1977.