First of all, I would like to appreciate the untiring efforts of the management, staff and students of St. Mary Academy on successfully completing 50 years of service in the field of education.

The aim of education is to develop all round personality of the child not only intellectually but physically, emotionally, morally and spiritually also, St Mary is a blend of attributes found nowhere else, we offer challenging core curriculum, a belief in the moral values, unmatched faculty dedication and much more. Our St. Mary Academy stands proud as one of the city most distinguished centre of learning, as some of the most promising men and women studied here.

With their tender feet, they move along
The dreams are infinite and the paths are long
The dreams are infinite and the paths are long.
They are always eager to get somewhere
Its St. Mary which leads them there

By Developing the habit of caring and sharing we inculcate in them the values of discipline sincerity, honesty and sacrifice for the country. We resolve to motivate and encourage our students to scale new heights with smart and hard work. Mother Mary after whose name the Academy is named helps and guides us under her maternal care to be always loyal faithful and committed just as she herself was to achieve the goal set before us.

The noble dictum of our school for God and country guides us to make our students god loving, skilled, confident and responsible citizens of India.

Ever since its renovation in the last two sessions in computer labs has made many of the students choose Computer Science as their career. Our teachers had put in great hard work to computerize the fee structure and report card generation, so that voluminous data is available at keypress of the mouse.

The numerous applications for admission in the school speak volumes of the popularity of the school.

Fr. L Tharsis