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Total Records: 6
Date: 29-Aug-2018

Profession: Chemistry teacher
Comment: Greetings and salutations to all, I was a chemistry teacher in this lovely school [St Mary's Academy -saharanpur] from 1989 to 2000. I worked along Sir Gupta in the chemistry department, teaching grades 9 to 11 at that time. I wanted to reach out to all present and left with my regards and respects. Seeing how well the school has been developing the life of students makes me very proud of being a part of it long time ago. In 2000 I left St Mary's and came to united Arab emirates and have teaching here since date. Please accept my salutations to all staff present particularly existing senior staff and father Principal. I could make few old timers in staff teaching and non teaching as I went through the picture gallery. It was a wonderful trip down the memory lane. I hope and pray to God that I get a chance to visit the school and meet up old friends. Special shout and regards to Gupta sir , Earnest sir, Sharma sir, tony sir and ross sir in primary wing.. I am sure they will remember me!! God bless all, keep up the good work as always Best regards manoj george
Rating: Excellent
How you know: Through search engines
Name: Himanshu Chauhan
Date: 16-Mar-2018

Profession: Entrepreneur
Rating: Very Good
How you know: I am an ex-student
Date: 04-Apr-2017

Profession: Businessman
Comment: Really impressesd about the disciplene regarding new admission case.
Rating: Excellent
How you know: I am a parent
Name: Mohammad Ashif
Date: 11-Feb-2017

Profession: student
Comment: It is helpful to me to know whats going in my school
Rating: Excellent
How you know: I am an ex-student

Total Records: 6